Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Strangers with Candy

hated it. (never saw the comedy central series)

Amy Sedaris is painful to watch, strangely contorting her face the entire movie. jokes are overwhelmingly stupid. It's littered with rapid-fire gags, but somehow they managed to hit them ALL flat. Timing is always off. There were maybe three moments that made me laugh in disbelief.

This is the kind of movie that someone might say was "ambitious but failed". It's true, this movie had such a terrible premise that it would be really challenging to pull it off. But to call it ambitious would be to imply that it was reaching for something valuable, when all it did was serve as a collecting point for stupid gags that didn't fit into some other project.

jess and i thought this would be good because we really like colbert, and have heard good things about amy sedaris (some of it from her brother's stories). It also has a cast that suggests it would be good, but in the end, I'm embarrassed I rented it. I will never perk my ears up at the name "sedaris" again, for fear it will be amy rather than david.