Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kind Hearts and Coronets


I really enjoyed this movie. It was so easy to forget that Alec Guinness played so many of the roles in this movie. Nice. Fun dialogues. Jess fell asleep after too much wine, though. I cringed when I saw that the DVD included "The American ending" as a bonus material. Somehow I knew it would suck, and it did. How sad that is.

After the movie I watched the Alec Guinness interview on the DVD, and was totally freaked out by his revelations on James Dean, which really belong in the psychotic connection blog. He claimed in the interview that he met James Dean a week before he died. James Dean showed him his new car, which he had not yet driven, and Alec Guinness foretold JD's death to his face, saying "if you drive this car, by next Thursday you will be dead." JD died the next Thursday!

It was a shocking and uncomfortable interview right around then. Sheesh!


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